You're here.  We’re here.

  Ready to listen, acknowledge, affirm.

Together, we got this. 


Our specialty is you. You are successful in all areas, but can’t seem to set boundaries, or be present by choosing escapism through eating, drinking, busyness, etc. You worry about making the same mistakes, wanting to do something about “it” and not knowing how. You hide your truest self from yourself, and others, going through the motions, feeling emptiness and anxiety.

You are feeling tired, restless, antsy, empty, confused, and wanting to sort out the *stuff* in your head and heart. You want to find your footing in your family, or your marriage, or your parenting and/or yourself. You are done with doing things the same ol' way. You are doing too much and spread too thinly.

You lack boundaries in any/all of the SHIPS-

relationship, partnership, kinship, and friendship.

You want someone to help you problem solve, clean out your mind’s and heart’s cobwebs, strategize, listen, be present, and be compassionate. You are looking for purpose, to shed shame, to shed must dos and are wanting to find and BE yourself.

You WANT to feel calm, calibrated, confident, clear and content.

You WANT to trust yourself.

We got you.

We really enjoy first time therapy goers. Or even those who have been before. We enjoy clients who try to connect the proverbial dots, are vulnerable, adventurous, curious and honest. We also enjoy you just showing up. We’ve been known to just sit with clients, and be with them. In sadness, in shame, in anger, in grief, in joy. We are patient and go at your pace.

Using different MODALITIES, we assess your readiness to change, provide strategies to move and guide you through the trials and errors of getting out of your comfort zones and approaching old problems with new eyes. 

To learn more about Us and a possible We, please go to YOUR THERAPISTS.


Barbie Atkinson, LPC-S


Julie Stryker, LPC


Examples of What you MAy Be Wrestling With....

  • Anxiety

  • Communication and Connections

  • Habits and Hangups

  • Navigating a New/Established Romantic Relationship

  • Ending a relationship

  • Perinatal Mood Disorders (Ante/Postpartum Depression and Anxiety)

  • Friendship/Peer relationships

  • Health Behavior Changes

  • Grief and Loss


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Centrally located near Downtown, Galleria, Rice Military, River Oaks, & Heights.

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Collaborative, Compassionate, Confidential, and Curious approach to working with Behaviors and Perceptions that keep you from what you Want.