Before I tell you that you are worth it, I realize that I can't just tell you anything that you already know or don't.  For some of you the investment of therapy is a no-brainer,  a service for your story and your life and how to deal with what you've been dealt to make sure you are not dealing it to others.  It's a safe place to talk about your anxieties, depression, negativity, compulsions, thoughts, fears, delusions and grief that interfere with the person you want to be.  Others may find it easier to spend time and money on numbing and escaping experiences like excessive work, sex, food, social media, alcohol, pain medications, griping, self help books, shopping, plastic surgery, retreats, smoking, gym memberships, etc.  Some of you, a little bit of both.

Be compassionate to yourself; being human can be hard.

You're here and already making the first step to Change. 

We so look forward to speaking with you.

Call Me (281)660-1351 or

Email TO schedule an appointment. 

Session Fees:

90 Min First Session- $250

50 Minute Sessions For LPCs is $165,

and for INterns it is $100.

Please note- We do not accept insurance. Although we don’t accept insurance, we are happy to provide you with a super bill. Some clients may receive a portion of counseling fees reimbursed to them from their insurance company. Many clients will not receive any reimbursement. Being reimbursed our full fee is rare.



Collaborative, Compassionate, Confidential, and Curious approach to working with Behaviors and Perceptions that keep you from what you Want.