Catalyst Counseling

Collaborative, compassionate, confidential, and curious approach to working with behaviors and perceptions that keep you from what you want.

Let me be the catalyst for YOU!

The scholarship is easy, bring us an idea that could use $1000.  The money is yours to do with what you see fit for your idea/business.  This is an opportunity to 1. take it to the next level and out the door, 2. do a prototype, 3. LLC'ing or INC'ing, 4. inventory,   5. marketing,  6. training or certification, 7. an app, 8. YOU tell US.  It's intended to be a boost!

Women (beginning with my mother and my sister) have been an integral part of my growth and confidence.  Taking risks has been fostered by my supportive and ever loving family and friends.

To know that I can be in the position to help brings me much joy.  Altruism is a core belief of mine, and fuels my daily life. 

It is simple, make us a video (maximum two minutes).  Not the video type, no problem, write us a detailed description of what you see this money being used towards.   Either mode should include name, age, location, idea, needs for idea, demonstration or explanation of product/idea and that's it.  A winner will be chosen December 1st, 2017.  

*SCRATCH THAT*, JUNE 1st, 2018 is the new date for the winner to be announced!

Not for you?  No problem, watch the video and SHARE with who you think would benefit from this one time $1,000 gift.



Barbie Atkinson, MS, LPC