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  Anxiety Group for Children aged 8-12.    M y  A nxiety  P lan-  M.A.P.     Email me at to find out how YOU can bring this program to the students and families of your school.          

Anxiety Group for Children aged 8-12.

My Anxiety Plan- M.A.P.

Email me at to find out how YOU can bring this program to the students and families of your school.




I'm a little infatuated with the credentialed and qualified Calm Crusader Counselors below and

I know you will be too.  

They will be leading Calm Crusaders Groups throughout schools in Houston.  


Perfectionism, Pessimism, Procrastination, Avoidance, Anger, Irritability, Black & White thinking, and/or constant Worry.  All of these things can be seen in our children that are dealing with Anxiety.  I call these the tentacles of the octopus named Anxiety.

Our fun, small, confidential and closed

6 week group meets after school to......

Explore our emotions- what they are, how they feel and where we feel them.

Dig through our thoughts and emotions and how they influence behaviors and vice versa.

Travel through our brain to identify the parts and their function in an anxious state versus a calm and focused state.


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Julie Stryker, LPC

Emboldened by her passion to understand human behavior, Julie is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master's Degree in Counseling from the University of Houston and a Liberal Arts Degree in Psychology and Spanish from the University of Texas.   Julie strives to encourage client growth through empathy and empowerment.  She has over twelve years of experience in the behavioral health field, providing individual, group, and family therapy as well as Play Therapy, school observations, treatment planning, case management services, and psychological assessments.  

She is excited to partner with students through Calm Crusaders.  She will seek to collaboratively create an environment that will support a child’s growing emotional understanding of their experience of anxiety and together will develop tools that can be helpful throughout their lifetime.


Rachel Bailey, NCC, LPC Intern (Supervised by Meredith Riddick, LPCS, CEDS)


Rachel is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern specializing in the treatment of eating disorders. She earned her BA in Psychology from Bryan College in 2012, and her MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from UNC-Greensboro in May 2017.  Rachel is co-author of the book "Eating Disorders: Hope for Hungering Souls," and has facilitated therapeutic groups in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Body Acceptance, Wellness, and Art Therapy.

Rachel completed her graduate internship in College Counseling, where she worked with anxiety disorders, Academic Probation, and Personality Disorders at the UNC-Greensboro Counseling Center. 

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Greta Bellinger, LMSW

Driven by her desire for individuals to live their authentic self, Greta pursued her undergraduate degree in Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin. She earned her master’s degree in Social Work from The University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. She has experience working with clients across the life span in areas of substance abuse, addiction, anxiety, disordered eating, family challenges, life transitions, loss and grief and trauma, while providing a space of empathy, compassion, acceptance and positivity. 


Casey Mansfield, M.S., LPC

Casey is a Licensed Professional Counselor who promotes a supportive, client-centered, interactive environment. She successfully completed a dual major in Child Learning and Development and Psychology at The University of Texas at Dallas earning a Bachelor of Science in 2010. She went on to obtain a Masters of Science in Counseling from the University of Houston – Clear Lake in 2014. She has worked in Early Childhood Intervention, school, hospital, and private settings. She has helped children and adolescents with conflict resolution, resiliency, behavior management, self-esteem, and social skills. She challenges her clients to think critically and helps them regain a feeling of purpose and direction. 

"I believe helping kids and adolescents to identify emotions and learn how to cope with life can help in the long run. It can help them develop resilience and deter them from self-harming behaviors. In the case of anxiety, I believe helping them learn to cope with anxiety can increase self-confidence and help decrease the chances of them developing panic attacks and/or depression. We must intervene early to help decrease the amount of mental health problems we see as a society today."

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Jessica Talamantez, M.Ed, LPC-intern


(Supervised by Jennifer Spillman, LPC-S,)

Jessica comes to Calm Crusaders as a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern, having earned her M.Ed in Counseling from University of Houston and her BS in Psychology from Sam Houston State University.  She has a passion for helping individuals, couples, and families in coping with stress and managing life.  She has experience in settings such as group therapy, art therapy, private practice, the hospital and in the classroom.

"I aim to provide a personalized client-centered experience where therapist and client work together to reach self-efficacy and life satisfaction.

Having dealt with stress and anxiety as a child myself, while not knowing what it was or
looked like, has guided my passion to helping others understand at an earlier age. I believe if
we are given the proper tools, we can all be more successful in managing stressful
situations, thoughts, and feelings. I strive to educate, EMPOWER, and model healthy
strategies for our youth so they can see they are not alone and continue to move mountains
instead of seeing them as unpassable.  Joining Calm Crusaders has given me the perfect opportunity to assist in educating and preparing our youth.